Financial Planning for Every Stage of Your Life


“Money, of course, is never just money. It's always something else, and it's always something more, and it always has the last word .”

– Paul Auster, U.S. Novelist


Financial Planning

At Cooper Lapman Financial, we help you consider your personal financial goals, needs, and priorities and help you initiate a plan, working with your accountant, attorney and other trusted professionals.


Retirement Planning

Your retirement years should be spent enjoying the rewards of the hard work that you’ve done throughout your career.  We monitor your plan and help design a roadmap for long-term financial success.


Investment Management

Together we look at the assets needed to fund your current and future liabilities (focus on ‘need vs. greed’) and design an asset allocation for your circumstances.  We invest with low-cost index funds and passive strategies where appropriate.


At Cooper Lapman Financial, we take our fiduciary duty seriously.  As a fee-only financial advisor—the most principled standard in our industry—we can be objective on YOUR behalf. We establish and execute detailed financial and investment plans for our multi-generational clients, based on your personal needs and aspirations.  We remove the mystery of how to plan today to mitigate the unknowns of tomorrow.

Facts about Cooper Lapman

  • Business Formed in January 2009
  • SEC Registered Investment Advisor
  • No Product Affiliations or Commitments
  • Seasoned Staff
  • Working together for over 30 years
  • Attentive Client Service Model

Please see the Cooper Lapman Client
Relationship Summary (Form CRS)

The Client Relationship Summary is a newly established requirement for registered investment advisors with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). It is a two-page summary of our services, fees, and conflicts of interest. We encourage you to read this document and contact us with any questions you may have with us.